Facing Deportation? Attorney Roger H. Sigal Can Help.

If you are an immigrant with a criminal conviction, your immigration status can be in jeopardy. Some convictions can mean deportation and a ban from ever returning to the United States.

If you or a loved one in faces deportation related to a criminal conviction, there is a wide variety of legal options available to you. Depending on circumstances and charges, you can obtain a reduction of charges, expungement of a criminal record or a cancellation of deportation orders, among the available deportation defense options. In order to understand which option presents the best opportunity to successfully fight deportation, talk to an experienced immigration lawyer.

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Fighting deportation

Deportation can tear apart families, separating parents from children, husbands from wives, and sibling from each other. It’s wrong to assume there is nothing you can do to fight deportation related to a criminal conviction.

  • Deportation charges can be fought by prevailing in court with an argument that a prior conviction should be viewed at a lower offense level
  • Asylum can be obtained for someone facing political, religious or ethnic persecution in their homeland
  • Even after a person is determined to be deportable, deportation relief can be obtained with a deportation cancellation if certain residency and/or hardship requirements are met
  • A criminal record can be expunged in certain cases, qualifying an immigrant for a waiver allowing them to keep their Green Card

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