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I work tirelessly to protect my clients’ freedom and rights.

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Robbery, Burglary, Theft And Fraud

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White Collar Crime

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Border Stops

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Transporting And Harboring Undocumented Immigrants

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I Believe In Fighting For My Clients

Federal, state, local and immigration law enforcement agencies pour a huge amount of money into investigating and prosecuting your case. While there are good and honorable cops and agents who use their authority fairly, there are also those who use questionable techniques that can violate your fundamental constitutional rights. When facing criminal investigation and prosecution, you need a lawyer who levels the playing field for you. You need a lawyer who recognizes unfair law enforcement practices and believes in fighting for clients.

For more than 25 years, clients in the greater Tucson area have turned to me, attorney Roger H. Sigal, because I believe in them, no matter what. I fight with every fiber of my being for them. To me, your case is not just another case. I understand that it is the future of your life’s circumstances on the line. As a criminal defense attorney, I utilize my knowledge of the law and experience in federal, immigration, state, appellate and juvenile courts to defend and protect my clients’ rights. My approach often involves extensive research, creative thinking and painstaking preparation to get to know your situation inside and out that allows me to discover solutions that other attorneys might overlook.

Why Choose Me To Represent You Or Your Loved One?

My experience encompasses a broad spectrum of criminal cases, ranging from drug possession and theft to white collar crimes and federal offenses. I also have a great deal of experience with immigration-related crimes, such as reentry after deportation, and transportation and harboring undocumented people.

Many of my clients are simply trying to improve their lives and the lives of their families. In more than 25 years of practicing criminal defense and immigration law, I have represented hundreds of clients with reentry and drug charges. I have also represented over 2,000 criminal defendants in federal, state, appellate, tribal, city, county and juvenile court.

By negotiating with prosecutors for favorable deals or by presenting well-reasoned arguments at trial, I have built a successful track record of helping my clients achieve their goals of either winning outright or beating the plea offer. While your results will vary depending on the nature of your case, I will take steps to ensure that judges and prosecutors see you as an individual and protect you from an unfair or disproportionate sentence.

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