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What Are Your Rights At The U.S. Border?

Away from United States borders, police officers need to have reasonable suspicion before they stop a vehicle. At the border, these Fourth Amendment rules do not apply. Therefore, many people are stopped – and searched – at the Arizona border. At the Law Offices of Roger H. Sigal, L.L.C., I represent many people who were arrested following border stops.

Have You Been Stopped For Drugs?

At the border, police use a broad range of techniques to search for drugs, ranging from canine searches to density meters. They also will search for hidden compartments used for drug smuggling. If they find drugs, they will make an arrest.

However, just because police found drugs in a person’s car does not mean that they are guilty. It is entirely possible that the individual did not know that there were drugs in the car. In many cases, drug smugglers will place drugs in secret compartments that they hide in gas tanks, engines, or duct work of an innocent person’s car. An innocent person caught with drugs is known as a “blind mule.”

In these cases, prosecutors will often bring in experts to testify that there is no such thing as a blind mule. I work with experts who can testify that blind mules do exist, and take steps to prove that my clients did not know that drugs were in the car.

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