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Convictions For Theft Crimes Can Cloud Your Future

Theft-related crimes can impact a person’s future in more ways than one. In addition to jail time and other penalties, people convicted of theft are likely to face difficulty finding work in the future. An experienced lawyer can help prevent such consequences. At the Law Offices of Roger H. Sigal, L.L.C., clients find a seasoned, detail-oriented attorney who provides personalized attention to each case.

Robbery Attorney Serving Southern Arizona

I am Roger H. Sigal, and I have extensive experience in representing individuals charged with robberies of all types, including:

  • Robberies of stores
  • Robberies of individuals
  • Bank robberies
  • Aggravated robberies
  • Robberies with weapons

In addition, I have represented clients accused of other theft-related crimes such as:

  • Home invasions
  • Invasions into houses to steal drugs or proceeds of drug sales
  • Car theft
  • Embezzlement

I have more than 25 years of experience in defending people charged with robbery, burglary and theft. Whether the case requires negotiation with prosecutors or going to trial, I take steps to secure the most favorable outcomes. When cases go to trial, I draw upon my years of courtroom experience to effectively contest the facts presented by prosecutors. By providing client-focused representation, I am able to find creative solutions and strategies to protect my clients’ rights and freedom.

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