Tucson Firearm Crimes Attorney

Crimes that involve firearms can carry very stiff penalties, including mandatory minimum sentences and enhancements if the accused has prior convictions. Often, creative solutions are essential for preventing prosecutors from adding substantial enhancements to a sentence. At the Law Offices of Roger H. Sigal, L.L.C., clients rely on my extensive knowledge, experience and creative approach to criminal defense.

Nogales Lawyer For Possession Of A Gun

For close to 25 years, I have represented people charged with prohibited possession of firearms. The law forbids individuals in certain circumstances from owning firearms. Those circumstances include:

  • Individuals who have been previously convicted of a felony
  • Undocumented immigrants
  • Individuals who are subject to a restraining order

If you are prohibited by law from owning a firearm and were arrested on weapons charges, take the situation seriously and contact a Tucson firearm crimes lawyer as soon as possible.

Gun Crimes In Relation To Drug Offenses

Possessing, carrying or brandishing a firearm in relation to a drug crime is very serious and can result in a very heavy penalty. These crimes require mandatory minimum sentences, which can be enhanced significantly depending on the nature of the charges. I have been very successful in convincing prosecutors to dismiss these charges.

Many attorneys focus solely on sentencing guidelines. My approach is different. By extensively researching state laws, I work to establish that prior state convictions under specific state laws do not qualify under the federal definition for drug trafficking or crimes of violence.

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