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Experience And Success In State And Federal Appeals Court

After a criminal conviction, a person’s last hope for vindication or freedom can often lie in an appeal to a state or federal appeals court. As an experienced appeals lawyer licensed to practice in both Arizona and California, I have argued in front of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

In order to make a successful appeal, you need a lawyer who is detail-oriented and creative, as well as knowledgeable of judicial precedents and emerging trends. With more than years of experience, I know that attention to the details of my client’s case along with careful consideration of the court’s recent decisions, often makes all the difference.

I am Roger H. Sigal, a client-focused attorney lending supportive counsel and information to families dealing with the long and difficult criminal appeals processes. Contact me at the Law Offices of Roger H. Sigal, L.L.C., in Oro Valley to schedule a free one-hour consultation by calling 520-777-1242 or 866-919-3802.

Important Facts About Appealing A Verdict

It’s important to understand that an appeal isn’t a do-over; you don’t get a new trial of the facts of your case. But if your case was wrongly decided, or if the sentence imposed was improper, you do get a chance to prove that to the court.

An argument to a federal appeals court or a state appeals court must be meticulous. An appeal is based on the transcripts of a trial, meaning that a lawyer must be willing to take the time to thoroughly examine those transcripts, do the legal research necessary, and listen carefully to a client and family.

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