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Were You Stopped And Searched Illegally?

Law enforcement must have reasonable suspicion before they stop and search vehicles. However, police officers and border agents often list flimsy reasons for stopping a car, such as “the person refused to look at me,” “the vehicle looked heavily laden,” or “two cars were driving in tandem.” All of these things can easily be innocent activities, but without a lawyer experienced in raising these issues, you may lose the opportunity to challenge the arresting officer’s reasons for stopping you.

At the Law Offices of Roger H. Sigal, L.L.C., clients find a criminal defense attorney with more than 25 years of experience. I have represented many clients who were subjected to illegal stops and searches. I am prepared to take aggressive steps to defend my clients’ rights.

Racial Profiling Defense Attorney Serving Southern Arizona

Though law enforcement officials will often write their reports in a way that diminishes it, racial profiling is often a factor in illegal stops. If you are a nonwhite person driving near the Arizona border, chances that police will stop you are high. Though police have become more sophisticated in terms of disguising racial profiling, I can take steps to prove that racial profiling occurred, and establish that there were no valid legal grounds for the stop.

Effective Defense Strategies For Illegal Seizures And Stops

My job is to challenge illegal stops on Fourth Amendment grounds. I take steps to prove that police did not have reasonable suspicion when they made the stop. If I am successful, I pursue a motion to suppress evidence, which could include drugs found in the vehicle, statements, admissions or any other evidence that serves as the basis for the state’s case.

Police must have a warrant to search a vehicle – unless the occupant of the vehicle consented to the search. Officers often claim that the person gave consent when he or she did not. I can bring in witnesses who can testify that there was no consent to the search.

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